Achieve your Pilot Certificate with a professional Chief Flying Instructor and Commercial Charter Pilot with over 11,000 hours flying experience.

No upfront payment is required. You can pay as you go and fly only as often as you wish or can afford at $200.00 per hour, or obtain your certificate in 20 hours (minimum airtime required) over 2 to 3 weeks for around $4,500.00 including Recreational Aviation Australia Membership, Log Book and study material. Hours required to achieve your certificate are likely to increase with your age with the average time being around 30 hours. You can train on weekends, before or after work or during the day, we fly when it suits you.

The aircraft we use is a Jabiru 170, designed for training and touring. It is equipped with modern navigational and "glass panel" displays as well as conventional round dial instruments as fitted to most light aircraft currently in use

A guide to hours 
aircraft type used for training
Riverland Flight Training is based at our own airstrip at 49 Minnis Road Monash (Riverland of SA), with circuit training (take offs and landing practice) being carried out at Renmark and Loxton Airports. This gives our trainees the experience of operating from both certified airports and other aircraft landing areas as often used by recreational pilots after gaining their "wings".

Cross Country endorsement (Step 2) will take another 12 to 15 hours navigational training after which the restriction to fly within 25 nautical miles (45ks) of the airport is lifted, and you can fly anywhere in Australia, including crossing Bass Strait to Tasmania (staying outside of controlled airspace).

Some pilots go on to purchase an aircraft of their own (prices range from $10,000 upwards), sometimes for business use. However, aircraft are available locally for "hire and fly" at a cost of around $140.00 per hour including fuel, so this is a better option for those wanting to fly less frequently just for pleasure or to take a friend or family member flying.

We trust this information will be useful and we look forward to flying with you or a friend soon.