What are your options:

Do you want to fly cross country,

carry passengers,

operate from bush strips,

or just have an occasional fly around locally?

Listed here are courses and endorsements we offer to Recreational Pilots:

Initial Pilot Certificate
Passenger Carrying
Cross Country
Bush Strip Operations

Take your family and friends for a fly once you have your Passenger Carrying  endorsement or head off on a holiday by air. It's a great feeling.

We can also train you for the following Licence Endorsements subject to availability of suitable aircraft:

   Tail Wheel
   Retractable Undercarriage
   Adjustable Propeller
   Two Stroke Engine

We are equipped and qualified to conduct controlled airspace endorsements (when legislated) in our Jabiru 170 fitted with both "glass" and conventional instrumentation including dual radios, calibrated transponder and GPS.

As well as our own Jabiru J170, Riverland Sport Aviation have a well equipped J230 available for hire and fly on completion of your Pilot Certificate at very competitive rate (you will need to become a member of their club).

We also offer an aircraft ferrying service Australia wide - Call us for a quote  08 85822799 or e-mail: rft@riverland.net.au