Training in the Covid 19 Environment

Social distancing of 1.5 meters or more is applicable at all times except when in the aircraft where this is obviously not possible.

For this, face masks are available (supplied on request) but at this stage are optional. The Instructor may or may not choose to wear one but in any case will do so at the Students request. Our Instructors are triple vaccinated plus booster.

Student headset: Frequent cleaning and sterilizing of the student headset between lessons causes damage to surfaces and it is suggested that students consider purchasing their own head set in the interest of maintaining best possible health protection. Many pilots choose to have their own anyway as the quality of equipment in hire aircraft is not always good.  

We note that some students have not flown for some time and in the interest of keeping our records up to date, it would be appreciated if anyone not intending to continue their training could advise us accordingly.

Otherwise we look forward to helping with your journey to your Pilot Certificate in the near future.

Regards and good health